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Photo of Brad Verkaik
 Brad Verkaik     Broker / Owner


Brad is head broker and owner of Narrow Road Realty. He utilizes a unique combination of education, background, and firsthand experience to maximize his effectiveness as a Realtor to the benefit of his clients and associates. Brad graduated with honors in 1997 with an advertising degree from the University of Florida. He worked in the advertising and marketing industry for ten years while at the same time building his personal real estate investment portfolio. Brad’s love for real estate soon took over as his primary career path and he capitalized primarily through “flipping” and leasing residential properties. The process of overseeing the renovation of his investments lead to the opportunity to partner with a local general contractor as a free lance project manager. This experience expanded his ability to assess properties and predict income and expenses. Brad personally capitalized by investing in both the pre and post “bubble” markets and in 2011 he decided to begin offering his expertise to clients looking to buy or invest in the best buyer’s market in decades.

Brad utilizes his education and background in the marketing and advertising industry to help his team create listings featuring attractive photography and detailed, well-written descriptions of the home’s positive features. In addition, Brad was born and raised in Lake County. He uses his local knowledge and network to aggressively spread the word about Narrow Road Realty  listings. Brad also shares his experience and methods as an investor to help negotiate the best possible price for Narrow Road Realty customers. 

If you are seeking a real estate firm that values relationships AND results... give Narrow Road Realty a call today!

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