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Beautiful view from lakefront home
 The Right Home. 
      The Right Price. 
           The Right Way. 


Thanks to new technology and the internet, home buyers today are more educated and informed than ever before. At Narrow Road Realty we embrace the new age of real estate by empowering our buyers with access to even more vital information that allows them to make the most informed purchase decision possible. Did you know you can easily access online aerial maps showing where the 100 year flood plain is in relation to your house? Or search an EPA site for past environmental issues in your area? Whether our buyers know exactly what they’re looking for or are starting from square one, we work hard to build their knowledge and confidence.

Happy could holding keys in front of their new home

In addition, thanks to our background in real estate investing, we bring an investment perspective and negotiating tactics to the process that help maximize the immediate and long term value of our buyers’ homes. Finally, nothing can replace good old fashioned local knowledge and connections. Our broker and associates bring lifetimes of first hand Lake County experience to the home buying process on behalf of our customers.

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